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A demon hunting agency investigates a school to search for their ally in the nukige Inyochu: Insects of Insemination, now available on JAST USA.

Inyochu: Insects of Insemination is a remaster of the hardcore nukige, Shinyaku Inyochu. The game follows the Black Cat Demon Hunting Agency, a demon hunting group working together with a talking demon cat called Yoru. When they get a call from Shunju Academy about some supernatural occurrences, Shiratori Takeru, the most competent member of the team, decides to investigate the situation by herself. After some time passes, Takeru fails to return to the office or call to check in. Tachibana Yamato and Shiratori Mikoto head to Shunju Academy to search for Takeru, but upon arrival, they find no trace of her. The principal even tells them that, after Takeru had finished her investigation, she left the school. Positive that something strange is happening, Yamato and Mikoto continue to investigate the academy to search for demons and find out what happened to Takeru.

Inyochu: Insects of Insemination includes new art and content that wasn’t featured in Shinyaku Inyochu. Play as different characters and fully experience the Shunju Academy Incident from different perspectives. As you read through all the storylines, you will come to understand what is really going on at Shunju Academy.


Shiratori Takeru

The most put-together member of Black Cat who has a strong sense of justice.

Shiratori Mikoto

A headstrong demon hunter who will do anything for her sister.

Tachibana Yamato

A happy-go-lucky, perverted demon hunter who will do whatever it takes to protect those he cares about.

Kayama Sui

Yamato’s ditzy, insecure childhood friend who has a high spiritual affinity.

Misaki Tatsuya

The mysterious and somewhat suspicious deputy principal of Shunju Academy.

You can purchase Inyochu: Insects of Insemination on sale from JAST USA for $29.74. When the sale ends, the price will return to $34.99.

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