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Slime Girl Smoothies, Shady Corner Games and Schneeritter Studios’ puzzle game about mixing smoothies, is now available on Steam, FAKKU and Itch.io.

In Slime Girl Smoothies, players take the role of a new hire at a unique bar, where slime girls serve smoothies mixed using their own jiggly bodies. The game takes on a comedic slice-of-life tone. On each shift, you get to choose which of the slime girls you’ll be working with. As you spend time with her, you’ll unlock new story events, which will let you learn more about her and build an intimate relationship. The cast of characters includes the mature manager Berry, her energetic daughter Cherry, and the co-workers, Mint and Plum.

Each level of the game tasks you with completing a set of drinks, in which you’ll have 15 turns to mix the order with your chosen partner. Every turn, you’re provided with five fruits, which contain a grid of flavor compounds. You can transfer the chosen set of flavors into the mug and place it on the bottom of the mixing glass, with the arrangement of these flavors in the glass determining the flavor profile of the drink. Your goal is to make a mix close in profile to the one requested before you run out of turns. During your attempt, you also have to avoid overfilling the glass or making any one taste too overbearing.

The game allows for one failure per stage, which results in the drink being thrown out. If you fail twice, the level has to be repeated from the beginning. As you progress through shifts, you’ll spend more time with your slimy co-workers, all of whom are fully voiced. There are over 100 frames of animation and more than 20 erotic CGs to discover within the game.

You have been hired to work at Slimy's, a bar with a very unique way of serving drinks. Prepare to see a lot of jugs while mixing up some very wacky flavors. Berry, her daughter Cherry and coworkers Mint and Plum are ready to entertain each and every order!

-Puzzle game play letting you mix the drinks on the menu. Take your time and get the formula right.

-Enjoy the show! Each girl has a unique way of serving drinks with their 'assets'.

-Voices that make you melt. Kumbomb, Ivywilde, Midnight Datura and Midnightblu bring each girl to life with every breath.

-Make memories. Every few shifts the girls will get more crazier than usual and let their freak flag fly with unlockable images. Collect them all!

-Be a perfectionist. Use your talents to make every drink and get achievements for each shift!

-Over 100 frames of animation and over 20 CG's by PixelboyMagazin!​

-Amazing music by Shady Lewd Kart composer Altered Ego!

Slime Girl Smoothies is now available on Steam, FAKKU and Itch.io for $14.99. A free demo of the game can also be downloaded from the Steam and Itch.io store pages.

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