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Help the princess rebuild her kingdom and regain her honor in Irisfield’s How to Build a Magnificent Kingdom, a strategy game now available across multiple storefronts.

How to Build a Magnificent Kingdom is a fantasy strategy game that begins on the ruins of the once-prosperous Avon Kingdom. In a recent tragedy, its king has gone mad and launched a massacre, killing all who failed to escape his lands. In the end, there were only four survivors: Princess Aridane, who only just recovered from a grave illness, her maid Luluka, the Knight Commander Grey, and the story’s protagonist, a mere knight apprentice.

Disturbed by her father’s actions, the fall of her kingdom, and the shame this event brought on her family, Princess Aridane decide to bring it upon herself to rebuild the kingdom and recover her father’s stained honor. To this end, her party gathers the support of adventures, engaging in pillaging to build capital and expand the kingdom anew.

To help the princess achieve her goal, players will have to guide her decision-making in managing the kingdom. To this end, you’ll have to amass wealth and build a workforce needed to support the new kingdom's reign. Using these resources, you’ll be able to upgrade the kingdom, gain new advantages, and further progress the story.

At times, the only way to resolve issues or boost your economy will be to engage in conflict. Whenever organizing a sortie, you’ll be able to build a team of up to eight characters, chosen from over twenty potential party members. As enemies come in waves, your followers will engage them in combat automatically as you take control of the protagonist. The equipment, skills, and AI of your party members can also be customized before battle.

Characters you take into the battlefield will strengthen their bonds, leading to new story events that explore their personalities and unlock unique rewards, such as new skills or equipment. As you progress through the game, new chapters of the main story will play out as the protagonist works to restore Avon and uncover the mystery behind its downfall. The game features four difficulty levels, which can be changed during each stage of the story.

How to Build a Magnificent Kingdom is now available on Steam, Denpasoft, and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $22.49 until September 2nd, at which point it will cost $24.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a free patch available on the publisher's website.

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