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Save your friends from the grasp of dream demons in Circle Kurasuke Warehouse’s Nightmare Hunter, an urban fantasy JRPG now available on Steam.

Nightmare Hunter takes place in a contemporary world, which is under the threat of dream demons: foul creatures who consume memories and the spirit of their victims. To keep people safe, demon hunters take it upon themselves to battle these beings. A young Yoru awakens as one such hunter when her friends are kidnapped by the master of the dream demons. To save them, she will have to face leaders of the demons known as the Wardens of Paradise — and then defeat their master.

The game features many staple elements traditional to the RPG genre. Yoru pairs up with another heroine, Mashio, with the two exploring various locations as they try to help people and defeat the dream demons in turn-based battles.

Simply freeing people from the nightmare alone won't be enough to save them, though: trying to reach out to those in need often puts the heroines in various erotic scenarios. There are 32 base CGs to discover in the game. As the two girls explore their sexuality, their morals will become corrupted by pleasure, leading to different endings in the story. Despite this, the game can also be completed without activating any of its erotic scenes.

Nightmare Hunter is a Turn-Based J-RPG developed by Circle Kurasuke Warehouse and published by OTAKU Plan.


One day in the dream, some one showed up and claimed there is a dream called paradise.From that day, dream demons that can suck human memory and spirit increased.

In order to make everything return to its original state, Yoru, who awakened as a demon hunter, decided to challenge the initiator.

Players will control the two protagonists Yoru and Mashiro to fight with the dream demon.



• Turn-Based combat

• Rich story

Nightmare Hunter is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $14.39 until August 26th, at which point it will cost $15.99. Adult content for the game will also have to be installed separately, using a patch available on the publisher’s website.

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