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Read up on fruit-themed monster girls in Outis Media’s Fruit of the Forest: Fruit Girls in Full Bloom!, an interactive viewfinder game now available on Itch.io.

Fruit of the Forest: Fruit Girls in Full Bloom! is a viewfinder game, centered around the lore of girls that are fruit-variant alarunes: plant-based monster girls. These sweet girls exist around the world and have their own personalities and sexual interests.

In this viewfinder game, you can read up on the monster girls Kiwi, Coconut, Cherry, Strawberry, and Blueberry. Click on any one of them under the Greenhouse selection in-game and you'll learn more about her diet, temperament, appearance, and where she comes from. Also available is a “Nude” button, which can be clicked to see her without clothes. If you click on the “More Information” button, you can read about how that alarune is during sex, what sexual positions and play she is in to, as well as an erotic picture of her.


"Fruits of the Forest: Fruit Girls in Full Bloom!" is a viewfinder game by Outis Media. It is loaded with lore about various fruit-variant alarunes, sweet and savory monster girls who occupy every corner of the globe. The viewfinder contains useful tidbits on these creatures that occupy the worlds of the Outis Media IPs, as well as plenty of spicy illustrations.

Deluxe Edition

The "Fruits of the Forest" viewfinder is free, but only comes with the base game. The "Deluxe Edition" contains super high-res versions of all illustrations, plus bonus lewd sketch pages by the artist behind the fanciful fruit girls, TUS.

You can download Fruits of the Forest: Fruit Girls in Full Bloom! on Itch.io for free. If you pay $2.79, you'll get the Deluxe Edition of the game, which includes all erotic illustrations in higher resolutions and some bonus lewd sketches by the game's artist, TUS.

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