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A dying man asks a tiny fairy for aid in Little huntress’s Servant of Death, a drama visual novel now available on

Servant of Death follows a young man whose life is slowly nearing its end. He’s been diagnosed with a deadly and incurable disease. The news didn’t shock him too heavily, as he was always aware of his mortality, but it doesn't mean going down without a fight. While the world of modern science may not have any answers to his plight, he knows that the supernatural might grant him a chance of survival.

As a fan of the occult, the protagonist became aware that he can summon certain spirits into this world, and if he were to form a contract with them, he might prolong his life by tying it to theirs. If that doesn't prove enough by itself, with strong enough spirits at his side, he could challenge whatever servant of death comes for his soul to a fight, earning himself more time. To do so, he will require the aid of a fairy, a demon, and an oni.

He begins with the smallest of the three, using his knowledge to call fairy. The summoning is successful and a little girl named Silia appears in front of him. Wanting to forge a close bond with the girl so that she’d be willing to tie her life with his, he requests that she helps him in intimate matters, offering an amber necklace as payment. Confused and surprised, the fairy agrees. Despite being smaller than his member, she sets out to work and slowly forges a romantic connection with the protagonist.

Servant of Death focuses solely on the protagonist’s connection with the fairy heroine. The visual novel features 10 unique CGs and 80 images to discover over the course of its story.

What is the story about?

The protagonist of this story is dying, because of an incurable sickness. In reality this condition is incurable by science only, luckily our protagonist is always into the occult so he goes for this last chance. He needs to summon and make a pact with 3 mythical creatures if he wants to stay alive. This game is about how he does this with the first one, which is a fairy named Silia.

The game have 10 CG that have a total of 80 image.

Servant of Death is now available for PC, Linux, and Mac OS on for $5.00. You can also gain access to the visual novel by subscribing to the developer’s SubscribeStar for at least $1.00. Additionally, a demo of the game can be downloaded from the store page.

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