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A girl is sent to a magic school after discovering she's a witch in Omarcompany's upcoming visual novel adventure game, Sabrina the Invisible Art.

Sabrina the invisible art is a parody game based off of the TV series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. On her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina noticed strange things happening around her: feathers levitated around her after throwing a pillow around and a light bulb exploded when she grew angry with her boyfriend, Harvey, over the phone. Her two aunts, Zelda and Hilda, revealed that she was a witch and she would be sent to the academy of invisible arts, a school for mages and wizards.

Sabrina was sent to her new school with her cat familiar, Salem. Her time at school initially starts out miserably: students bully her because she's a half-witch, she embarrasses herself trying to make a potion, and she misses her friends and boyfriend. If she could, she would sooner leave a clone of herself behind and return home. If she hopes to do any of this, Sabrina will have to buckle down and learn some real magic.

The game functions as both an adventure game and visual novel, in which you can navigate around the school, examine and pick up useful items, and talk to people. In the current build of the game, one of your objectives is to successfully make a potion, in which players will have to collect the ingredients and combine them to make the potion. In order to get magic dust, you need to play a game similar to Simon and hit the buttons in the right sequence, with each correct input giving you some magic dust. In future builds of the game, sex scenes involving BDSM, public humiliation, and exhibitionism will be implemented.

You can download the free build of Sabrina the invisible art on Those interested in playing the next part of the game will need to donate to Omarcompany’s Patreon.

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