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Tri Hearts, a puzzle platformer about a trio of enslaved girls trying to escape from a dungeon, is currently in development by Alice Hearts.

Tri Hearts is a fantasy puzzle platformer in which players can take control of three distinct characters, each of whom was captured and sold off into slavery during a demonic invasion of their lands. Gratia is an elvish priestess used as a pleasure slave for orcs and goblins; Elle, a cowgirl, has been used to harvest her breast milk for feeding the demons; finally, the two of them also encounter a mute cat girl, who joins their effort to escape.

Each level of the game requires all three girls to reach the end. Players can control one heroine at a time, with each having a unique skill: Gratia can perform an extra mid-air jump, Elle is strong enough to push crates, and the cat girl can fit into small crawl spaces. Levels will vary in difficulty, with the tech demo stages so far featuring static traps such as spike pits and moving platforms.

Aside from its inherently erotic setting, Tri Hearts features pixel-art sex animations to be discovered throughout the stages by interacting with highlighted objects. Tri Hearts is the third game to be developed by Alice Hearts, with their previous works including small pixel art titles that allowed you to interact with a single heroine.

Tri Hearts is "The Lost Viking"- like puzzle platformer adult game, where you control 3 character to solve puzzle in a side scroller platformer to find the exit gate.Each character have a different abilities to perform. Use their uniques abilities to work together in order for the 3 of them is safely escape the dungeon.

The Demons has invaded the world and capturing slaves for their own desire.

Gratia, priestress turned slave is escaping Orc and Goblin infested dungeon. Along the way she meet with a Cow Girl and Cat Girl with their own special abilities.

Can the 3 of them can escape?Together.

The demo for Tri Hearts is available for free on If you’d like to support Alice Hearts and stay updated with their work, visit their Patreon.

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