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Maid Sex Simulator Anolock Now Available on Steam and DLsite

Forge a lasting relationship with your maids in Rejust’s slice-of-life simulation game Anolock, now available on Steam and DLsite.

Anolock takes place in the mansion of a young man who recently lost his close ones. During a pandemic, the servants who took care of the residence and even his own family passed away. To ensure that someone is still taking care of him, his friend hires three new maids to work at the mansion.

The game gives you an opportunity to forge a relationship with these maids. The game is divided into days, with each having four phases. The heroines will be occupied with different tasks during different timeframes. While exploring the mansion, players can chat with the maids to learn more about them or tease them, to try persuading them into sexual service. The goal of the game is to forge an intimate relationship with each of the game's heroines, creating a personal harem.

Noble Life SLG

・ Story

The hero of a petty noble who lost his family and servants due to a pandemic will hire three maids with a referral from his friend.

Through contact with them, we will recover from the sadness of loss and the suffering of sequelae.

・ Game content

You can talk with the heroine who works in the mansion and search for an event.

You can eat dinner together or take a bath and ask for a wash.

* You can let time goes in the system menu, specify the position of the maid, and teleport.


Please read "Guide.pdf" in the folder as a strategy guide.

The trial version is up to 1 favorability. (Peeping / bathing / First sex)

Anolock is now available on Steam for $12.99. Previously, the game was released on DLsite, where it remains available for $10.78 (estimated from ¥1,430). A demo of the game can also be downloaded from the DLsite store page.

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