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Lord Rutsah has launched a Kickstarter to raise additional funding for his free-to-play, dark fantasy RPG, Broken Reality.

Broken Reality is a dark fantasy RPG heavily inspired by Lovecraftian horror and dark fantasy games, such as Planetscape Torment. Players take the role of a young man chosen by the goddess of fertility to act as a bodyguard for her priestess and avatar. At her command, the protagonist has to explore the vast, cruel world of Psema, controlled by three ancient beings locked in a war against invading alien horrors.

The game places a lot of focus on consequences. Players can choose between four classes: leader, rogue, berserk, and blood magus. Each class is treated differently by the inhabitants of the world and may have restricted access to certain plot lines. Decisions made during the story will reflect upon the protagonist’s karma and sanity stats, further affecting the shape of the world around them. Choices made by the player also reflect on the chosen one’s relationship with various heroines. The game offers romance options with both human and monstrous companions.

Being a traditional RPG, Broken Reality features a turn-based combat system, albeit one that doesn’t encourage grinding. Players are only rewarded experience for unique combat encounters and quests. Picking your battles wisely is crucial, as martial skills can only be used once per fight, while magic relies on MP that only recovers during rest, limiting the amount of available resources.

Lord Rutsah has been working on Broken Reality for years now, as the game was first uploaded to back in 2018. Ever since then, the developer has been releasing steady updates, using donations to finance production assets, such as for art or sound commissions. This style of development has resulted in several compromises, though, limiting the game’s ability to properly evoke the atmosphere of its grim universe.

To address this issue, the developer has begun a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of $5,952 (estimated from €5,800). The additional funding would allow Lord Rutsah to bring the game’s quality closer to his original vision for the game. Changes would include more custom sprites, more original grim and alien creature art, the addition of larger character portraits, more erotic CGs, expanded voice acting, and possibly even the creation of an original soundtrack.

Despite the crowdfunding initiative, the base game will remain free to play. Instead, Lord Rutsah plans to produce three paid DLC expansions sometime after a Steam release of the game, which would allow him to gather more funding for future quality content.

You can play Broken Reality for yourself by downloading it from If you’d like to support the project, the crowdfunding campaign is available on Kickstarter until September 8th. Among the various backer rewards, supporter’s names will be listed in an in-game location, while larger pledges of $26 (estimated from €25) guarantee a pre-order for the first future DLC.

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