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PlayMeow Games has published Gorogoro Games’ turn-based action game, Estella’s Nightmare: Sealed Space and a Succubus’s Curse on Steam.

Estella’s Nightmare: Sealed Space and a Succubus’s Curse is an action game that follows the titular cat girl, Estella. In order to find a cure for her father’s illness, Estella ventured into a cursed forest. When she accidentally activated a magic circle, she found herself transported to another dimension. There, she meets a succubus who grants her a special power that should help her return home. Throughout her journey, Estella will meet different types of enemies, from regular bandits up to strange-looking creatures. It remains to be seen whether the power given by the succubus will be Estella's salvation in an unknown world — or corrupt her outright.

The game is a sidescrolling action game, featuring three different endings. If Estella is defeated in battle, you will unlock an animated sex scene. Each boss will have their own dedicated erotic CG, animated using Live2D. Estella’s Nightmare: Sealed Space and a Succubus’s Curse is intended to be an easy action game that even those who are new to the genre can enjoy. Even if you lose in battle, you can still level Estella up using the power she gains from having sex.

■ Game Features

◇Sex scenes unlocked during combat and smooth「Defeat videos」made in Live2D are about 20 minutes in total.

◇Plenty of types of enemies, with each Boss having their exclusive sex scenes.

◇This is an easy game that even players who are not good at combat games can enjoy.

◇Unlock all CGs in Recall after playthrough.

◇3 types of ending, including a virgin ending.

You can buy Estella’s Nightmare: Sealed Space and a Succubus’s Curse on sale for $9.59 from Steam. After August 16th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $11.99.

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