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Pixel art brawler Ayura Crisis! by Above a Damage Tile has been published on Steam by SM KING, under the name Pinch of Fighting Girls.

Pinch of Fighting Girls is a side-scrolling pixel art brawler. Throughout the game, players control the red-headed heroine, Ayura, as she makes her way through five stages populated by various enemies and traps. Players can string together combos using ground and aerial attacks, while dealing damage to enemies also fills the MP bar, unlocking a special power-up mode once filled completely.

The game has little focus on the story, instead placing all of its attention on the combat loop and erotic pixel-art animations. Whenever defeated, the heroine is abused by her opponents. Such effects will leave lasting changes to her stats, which will affect her personality, leading to different dialogue.

We initially covered the game during its original release back in 2018, when it debuted on DLsite as Ayura Crisis!. A year later, the developer attempted to release the game on Steam but was rejected by the platform. According to the developer’s tweet at the time, Valve accused them of portraying child exploitation, but refused to elaborate further. Despite this setback, the game has since been made available on Steam, albeit in an altered form.

Published by SM KING, Ayura Crisis! was renamed Pinch of Fighting Girls. The new version lacks any of the graphical, adult content featured in the original release. All that remains of the original version are some erotic descriptions and poses of Ayura appearing on the UI if she’s affected by status effects, such as those of an aphrodisiac. The nudity and sex animations have been removed, but can be restored using a patch distributed outside of Steam.

This is a contaminated world!

As a fighting girl, you have the ability to clear these monsters.

What troubles do you get into when cleaning up monsters?

Welcome to experience it!

Game Features

• Extremely Striking feeling

• Up to four combo attacks

• Challenge difficulty can be switched at any time

• Great background music

• There are five levels to challenge

Pinch of Fighting Girls is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $10.39 until August 16th, at which point it will cost $12.99. The game's adult patch is currently being distributed by the publisher through their Twitter.

The original DLsite release of the game remains available as of this writing, currently being sold at the promotional price of $4.97 (¥660) until August 31st, at which point it will cost $9.95 (estimated from ¥1,320). Additionally, a demo of the game containing the first two stages can be downloaded from DLsite.

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