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Stealth Puzzle Game Nude Crisis Now Available on Steam and Itch.io

Avoid being seen and sneak your way back home in Azurezero’s Nude Crisis, a stealth puzzle game now available on Steam and Itch.io.

Nude Crisis follows Hina, an office worker who finds her clothes missing after showering at the office. Unable to cover herself back up and too embarrassed to ask for help, the young woman decides to make her way back home unseen. To that end, she'll have to avoid her co-workers at the office, the police and pedestrians in the park, and the neighbors near her apartment.

Nude Crisis is a stealth game, wherein each level is designed as a self-contained puzzle. Players have to make their way to the exit by avoiding the gaze of the characters on screen. Movement in the game uses a simultaneous turn system, meaning other characters take a step only when Hina does so as well.

The key to beating each stage lies in learning the patrol patterns and exploiting other character’s line of sight. The difficulty increases between levels as new obstacles are introduced, such as timed buttons, glass panes, or even car traffic. Whenever Hina is spotted, someone takes a picture of her, forcing the level has to be restarted.

There’s a total of 9 erotic CGs to discover in Nude Crisis, all of which can be seen after beating the game, without having to fail the stages first. While each CG prominently features nudity, there are no depictions of active sex in the game. Nude Crisis features 45 puzzle stages, which provide about an hour of play time.

Nude Crisis is a Stealth Puzzle game.

Hina is an office worker who finds her clothes missing after showering at work.

To get home safely, she must circumnavigate bitchy co-workers, salarymen, and the police without being seen, lest they snap photos of her in the buff.

She must escape her office building, streak through the park, and sneak back to her apartment if she is to keep her reputation intact.


• Cute Chibi-styled graphics

•Minimalist art style

•A short and sweet game filled with puzzles

•8 nude photos of our blushing heroine

•1 lewd image of the culprit's punishment

•A gallery of everything unlocked upon completion.

Expected completion time: 40 Minutes.

testers first clear times: 51 minutes, 56:54.

Nude Crisis is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $4.49 until August 17th, at which point it will cost $5.00. The game can also be purchased on Itch.io for its original full price, and a demo of the game can be played on either Itch.io or Newgrounds.

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