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Shiravune has published Empress and Elf’s nukige visual novel, Great Deceiver, on Steam and Johren.

Great Deceiver is a spinoff of the nukige Starless: Nymphomaniac's Paradise, which was developed by Empress and Elf. The story follows an ordinary man who becomes the personal trainer for a powerful modern empress.

Marie Mamiya reigns as the queen of the corporate world as the head of the powerful Mamiya Group. When Yukio, an averagely built man, applied as fitness instructor at the Royal Family Fitness Club, an exclusive club run by the Mamiya Group and Sugimoto Pharmaceuticals, Maria Mamiya hired him as her personal trainer. To his surprise, she ended up choosing him over numerous other, more muscular bodybuilders. Unbeknownst to him is that Maria plans to whip him into shape herself, all for the sake of beauty.

Great Deceiver features over five hours' worth of content and full Japanese voice acting.

Marie Mamiya

VA: Shino Nakano

A modern-day empress who reigns on high as the head of the Mamiya Group.

As a young widow, her exceptional talent and sharp insights shot her to the top of the business world like none before her, and she has ruled over it with an iron grip ever since.

Though technically getting on in her years, she maintains an eerily youthful appearance.

Reia Itoh

VA: Shion

A rare and regal beauty, as stunning as Marie Mamiya herself.

As the owner of the Royal Family Fitness Club run by the Mamiya Group and Sugimoto Pharmaceuticals, she is plotting to facilitate the latter’s acquisition as a subsidiary under the Mamiyas in the hope of following in the footsteps of her hero, Marie.

Pressured into marriage with Kisaku as part of a political ruse by the Mamiyas and Sugimoto Pharmaceuticals, she regards her husband with contempt, treating him no better than a dog to ensure her absolute authority.

Obsessed with preserving her youth and good looks, perhaps even more so than Marie.

Maki Suzuka

VA: Ria Akai

Like the protagonist, Maki shows up at Royal Family to pursue her dream of becoming a fitness instructor. Young, starry-eyed, and friendly to a fault, she hits it off with Yukio at once.

Much to her delight, she’s hired on the spot, too... but is it really what she signed up for?

You can buy Great Deceiver on Steam for $19.99 and on sale from Johren for $15.99. If you plan to buy the title from Steam, don’t forget to download the free 18+ DLC patch from Johren.

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