If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Fan-na's romantic adventure visual novel, Miko no Kanata: Curious Tales from Oguni Shrine -Cycles- is now available for purchase on Steam and Denpasoft.

Developed by Fan-na and published by Sekai Project, Miko no Kanata: Curious Tales from Oguni Shrine -Cycles- is the first part in a visual novel series focused on shrine maidens. This series is the complete culmination of Fa-na’s work since 2004, with the first part depicting the beginning of the protagonist and heroine’s blossoming romance.

On the first day of school, Kiryu Yuya met Mikanagi Akiha, a girl with a mysterious aura around her. Curiously, the girl looks exactly like the shrine maiden that's been killing Kiryu in his dreams. The two of them were drawn to each other, with their encounter surely having to be the work of fate. Later on, Koharu, Akiha’s older sister and a shrine maiden, revealed to Yuya that Akiha is not from this era. The shrine maidens are fated to fight against the followers of darkness. Despite the extraordinary circumstances, will Yuya and Akiha’s relationship withstand the test of time?


~A totally traditional Japanese-style romance adventure game for all the miko lovers out there~

Miko no Kanata is a totally traditional Japanese-style romance adventure game that is a culmination of everything that developer Fan-na has put forth since they got started in 2004.

“Cycles” is the first part in this series and focuses on the first time the protagonist and the heroine first meet and the romance that awakens between them.

All the heroines are miko!

Fighting miko! Working miko! Moe miko!


- Artwork by Konsu Konsuke

- Japanese voice acting (except main character)

- English and Japanese language support

- CG/Scene Mode

You can buy Miko no Kanata: Curious Tales of Oguni Shrine -Cycles- on sale for $11.69 from Steam and Denpasoft. The sale on Steam ends on August 12th. If you plan on getting the game on Steam, don’t forget to download the free 18+ DLC from Denpasoft.

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