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Defend humanity from an alien invasion in WOD’s Metal Flame, an action platformer now available on Steam.

Metal Flame is a sci-fi action game set in the future, in which humans have successfully developed an advanced AI and complex robots to take care of their everyday needs. While their life was peaceful, this overreliance on machines would prove to be their biggest weakness: an alien race made from living metal arrived on earth, beginning their invasion by taking control of the man-made robots.

With their servants turning against them, humanity suffered large casualties. In an attempt to turn the tide of battle, they created a new machine: a robot controlled by female brain waves, which the aliens couldn’t hack. Christened as the Metal Flame, she embarks to fight off the invaders.

Taking control of the heroine, players will have to challenge over 30 side-scrolling stages, populated by various mechanical enemies. The game features a large variety of primary and secondary weapons to arm themselves with, as well as an upgrade system.

Adult scenes in the game will often depict the heroine being taken advantage of by her enemies. The game features animated sex scenes, both through pixel art and a traditional CG art style.


In 2XXX A.D., with the development of AI and robots, man and machine are living in peace. But that all changed...

This cosmic mechanical creature called ALM (alien living-metal) controls robots and networks and spread like virus...

Mechanical monsters wreak havoc. Men are killed and women are used for human-machine hybridization experiments...

To fight against monsters, Human developed battle machine operated through the female brain waves which immune to ALM's hack

Its name is……Metal Flame

Game Contents

• 2D pixel platform shooter game

• 30+ stages to explore

• Lots of main & sub weapons

• chip system to upgrade firepower

• Full animated & touchable standing drawing

• Pixel h-animation while playing HD animation

Metal Flame is now available for PC and MacOS on Steam for the promotional price of $14.39. This discount will last until August 11th, at which point the game will cost $15.99.

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