Clean up for the next guy

A man falls madly in love with his nursemaid in ebi-hime's All Ashes and Illusions, a kinetic visual novel now available on Steam.

Developed by ebi-hime, the creator behind Blackberry Honey and The End of an Actress, All Ashes and Illusions follows the relationship between the future king, Yuel, and his nursemaid, Safiya. When Yuel was six, his mother, the Queen of Indra and wife to the tyrannical King Khalil, was executed for having an affair. As he watched her corpse decompose in the sunlight, Khalil gave the young boy a word of advice: never trust women. The king claimed all women were deceitful and that any attachment to them will end in disaster. Yuel held back his tears in front of his father, instead turning to his kind nursemaid, Safiya, to comfort him. With his father being a cold ruler and the servants keeping their distance out of fear, Safiya was his only friend in the palace.

Yuel truly believed that Safiya would stay by his side, but she eventually left him when he became too old for a nursemaid. He grew lonely and bitter, up until his father eventually died from a prolonged illness, allowing Yuel to ascend the throne and become a man. Unable to trust other women and still obsessed with Safiya, he was determined to win her heart; he would let nothing stand in the way of his warped love for her.

- About 90,000 words of text (approx 4-6 hours of reading)

- A kinetic story with no choices/branches

- Detailed background and character art

- A custom soundtrack

- A highly dysfunctional relationship

- Free patch that adds uncensored r18 content

- Complete and utter agony ❤︎

You can buy All Ashes and Illusions on sale for $11.69 from Steam. After August 10th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $12.99.

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