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RPG Maker Game Kiara - The Knight of Icicles Released on Itch.io

A female knight investigates strange incidents and gets attacked in Sensouya's RPG Maker game, Kiara - The Knight of Icicles, now available on Itch.io.

Kiara - The Knight of Icicles is a game developed by Sensouya back in 2021, which was recently localized by Remtiary. The story follows Kiara, the strongest female knight in the Kingdom of Tyrus. Per a request from the king, she traveled to the Kingdom of Elgia to investigate a series of strange incidents. Right after she entered the forest outside of Tyrus, a stray goblin attacked her and groped her breasts. This was when Kiara noticed how oddly sensitive and easily aroused her body was. Kiara will have to discover just what's going on in the Kingdom of Elgia, all the while enduring more erotic hijinks.

At the start of Kiara - The Knight of Icicles, Kiara will already be level ninety-nine; there is no further leveling or grinding in the game. Instead, Kiara will move from one event to the next, releasing her inhibitions and indulging in her own lust. The game takes approximately three to six hours to complete the story and see all the sex scenes.


Kiara -The Knight of Icicles- was developed in 2021 by Sensouya-san, and is one of our favorite eroges of 2021. Seeing how no one localized it into English yet, we decided in 2022 to get it localized ourselves to share it to the world so more people can know about Sensouya-san’s works!

Kiara -The Knight of Icicles- is a simple eroge where you control Kiara, a Lv.99 female knight as she finds herself in a place where all her sexual inhibitions are released. There’s no leveling, no grinding, just purely full of all that female protagonist rpg-style eroge goodness injected into your veins for 3~6 hours. This game is just all about Kiara having sex over and over again so if you like Kiara’s character design, just sit back and relax as Kiara gets her brains and back blown out over and over again in this eroge where the main theme is sex scene progression, as in each of the major sexual events get multiple scenes that keeps escalating the situation for Kiara!

You can buy Kiara - The Knight of Icicles on Itch.io for $9.99.

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