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Puzzle Action Game Test-Subject 05 Now Available for Free on Itch.io

A green witch tries to save a girl from death in Red Pines Corp’s Test-Subject 05, a puzzle action game now available to download for free on Itch.io.

Developed by Red Pines Corp, the creator behind Nobunaga: Sakura’s Blossom, Test-Subject 05 is a pong-like game where you have to match the color of your panel with the color of the skull and ball. In the game's story, a group of test subjects were developed so that they could survive the worst conditions of the Wasteland. After these experiments failed, the test subjects wanted their original bodies back. More specifically, Test Subject 05 wanted to stop her involuntary transformation, whether by science or by magic. That’s where the Green Witch comes in.

When you start a run, you'll play a game of pong where the gameplay revolves around keeping a small version of the Green Witch in the air, while a skull shoots projectiles. Every time you bounce the witch off a panel with a matching color, you'll receive a point for that color. If you end up hitting the skull with the witch, you'll receive a different category of points. The colored points can be used to buy outfits, hairstyles, and different screens for Test Subject 05. The points you get from hitting the skull can be used to buy different endings, where the green witch rubs a magic wand to shoot sticky white stars over different parts of Test Subject 05’s body.

The game will go on until players either run out of time or run out of lives. If you run out of time, you can keep the points to purchase any of the aforementioned items. Even if you run out of lives, you won't run out of time and can still progress further; however, you'll instead lose any points earned during the run up to that point. Keep in mind that you can still make progress even if you aren’t rewarded.

You can download Test-Subject 05 on Itch.io for free.

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