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A demo for Kredyn's upcoming side-scrolling platformer, Drain Mansion, is now available to download on Steam.

Drain Mansion is a platformer in which a man must escape a mansion full of monster girls and succubi. One day, when a brother and sister were walking through the forest, they stumbled across an old mansion that was never there before. The sister was curious, venturing into the mansion to investigate, but never returned. The brother was going to search for her, but fell unconscious after hearing a strange noise. When he came to, he found himself inside the mansion. The brother must now escape from the mansion, though the task won’t be easy with so many monsters and succubi trying to drain him dry.

Inside the mansion, players will need to run away from both succubi and monsters. You're able to struggle free from monsters such as slimes, albeit at the expense of your health; if you're caught by a succubus, you won’t be able to break free and will get an immediate game over. To avoid the succubi, you'll either have to stay out of their line of sight or hide in closets. Additionally, all succubi are labeled with a skull above them. You'll also have to solve environmental puzzles and be careful not to spring traps around the mansion. Drain Mansion's puzzles include finding keys, placing items in their rightful spots, and moving boxes.

The game is an action platformer in which you have to solve environment puzzles while trying to avoid the enemies that lurk in this place. You will need to think, dodge and most importantly resist the tempting succubi.

The game contains:

- More than 30 unique encounters with enemies.

- More than 10 unique game over screen graphics, which are high-quality hand-drawn 2D CGs.

- Most enemies you encounter are voiced.

- 2 different endings.

- A hard-mode for additional replayability.

You can download the demo for Drain Mansion on Steam. While the demo is available to download now, the release date for Drain Mansion hasn't been announced just yet.

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