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Infiltrate the government of a future megalopolis in kamichichi’s Apostle: Rebellion, a cyberpunk RPG published by Kagura Games’ on multiple storefronts.

Apostle: Rebellion takes place in the year 2200, just about sixty years after World War III left the Earth in ruins. Between the war and a food shortage caused by climate change, the world's population shrunk down from billions down to a mere few hundred million. Seeking shelter and refuge after the war, the survivors built a massive city called Neo-Eden.

Governed by a military organization, the city’s population has undergone extensive cybernetic enhancements in the hopes of increasing their odds of survival. Such cybernetic humans are referred to as "Roids". While the practice of these enhancements used to be controversial, the roids eventually outnumbered traditional humans.

Throughout the game, players control Tsurugi Yaguma, a young man investigating his brother’s death. In his efforts, Tsurugi teams up with members of the resistance, including a talented mechanic, Miyabi Hanazana, and a kindhearted medic, Amelia Henderson. Players can take Tsurugi and his party into multiple dungeons filled with turn-based combat encounters or try to deepen his bonds with fellow teammates through side activities.


Explore the cyberpunk city of Neo-Eden in this epic story of intrigue, mystery, action, and romance.

Combat is styled after classic turn-based RPGs, but with a twist: each successful hit builds up your chain meter, allowing you to deal more and more damage. Master this and several other exciting mechanics to crush your opponents.

Between dungeons, you can spend time deepening your bonds with your teammates and taking part in various side activities.


• Character Interaction

Spend time interacting with a diverse cast of characters between missions.

•Turn-based Combat

Take on a pantheon of interdimensional monsters in classic turn-based combat. Master the techniques of heat and chain, and upgrade your characters to prepare them for any challenge.

• Large City to Explore

Explore the many districts of Neo-Eden, which were inspired by a variety of cultures.

Apostle: Rebellion is now available on Steam, GoG, Denpasoft, and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $17.99 until August 5th, at which point it will cost $19.99. The game is also available for full price on FAKKU.

Adult content for the Steam and GoG versions of the game has to be installed separately, using a patch available on the publisher’s website.

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