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A nurse tries to overcome her fear of men in おおかみの休日’s Momo’s Conflict, an exploration game now available on Steam.

Momo’s Conflict follows the game's titular character, Momo, a nurse at Harukaze hospital. Momo is hard-working, kind, talented, and even takes care of her mother, but has just one weakness that holds her back: she has a phobia of men. She previously worked at the internal medicine department, but after making a mistake, she was transferred into a “special department”. Momo is now tasked with taking care of her male patients, all the while trying to overcome her phobia.

In this game, players will accept quests from patients and view events. The gameplay involves exploring the hospital, talking to people, and viewing all sorts of sex scenes featuring Momo and her colleague, Sakura. The game features twenty-five basic CGs and forty-six H-scenes, with any of these scenes available to be viewed again in the game's recollection mode. There's only one ending in the game, meaning that the choices you make won't have an impact on the story.



A new nurse just got transferred to the surgical department from the internal medicine department.

She is a hard worker and takes care of her mom.

A talented nurse but has a phobia of men.


A colleague that works in the surgical department. She teaches Momo the ropes.

Always smiling and popular with patients.


- Resolution 1280 x 720

- Game consists mainly of conversations and exploration

- Events can be easily found at the "!" mark.

- 1 type of ending. In-game choices don't affect the outcome.

You can buy Momo’s Conflict on sale from Steam for $11.99. After August 5th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $14.99. There is also an 18+ patch available on WASABI Entertainment’s site.

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