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Kremo En Si Launches Kickstarter to Fund Maid in Heaven

Kremo En Si has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Maid In Heaven, a lighthearted RPG about a team of four maids doing their best to satisfy their master and his guests.

Kremo En Si is an independent team of developers currently working on an erotic simulation RPG titled Maid In Heaven. The game will follow the efforts of four maids taking care of a manor, keeping both their eccentric master and his guests satisfied.

The game is planned to be divided into multiple chapters, with each focusing on a different maid — though they will usually work together throughout the game. Many challenges faced by the maids will be portrayed using the game’s turn-based combat system. For example, while cleaning, players may be asked to defeat dust bunnies, shown in-game as fluffy animals.

Maid In Heaven is intended to be a lighthearted, casual RPG; it won’t require the player to grind just to progress on with the game, though the heroines will naturally improve their skills over time. For instance, the airhead Freesia is particularly skilled at cooking and will eventually learn how to grill and boil ingredients, granting her access to wholly new dishes.

The four heroines are the game’s main selling point, with each having their own unique sprites and even promised to feature in four sex scenes. The Kickstarter page gives viewers an overview of their personalities and quirks:

Azalea is a happy girl who is enthusiastic about her work and enjoys all of her duties deeply. She is tasked with the general cleanliness of the manor but focuses more on washing things.

Edelweiss is a cold and calm girl who is efficient with her maid work, often butting heads with the carefree Azalea. She is tasked to aid Azalea with the general cleanliness of the manor but ultimately has greater responsibilities such as organizing events and arranging meetings for the master.

Hibiscus is the maid with the most seniority and has been taking care of the master since his youth, due to this she has a natural affinity for children and a very motherly personality. She is tasked with taking care of the nursery.

Freesia is a big goober who can only stand still when she's cooking, she loves to run around and play more than anything. She is the maid tasked with cooking and presenting meals.

To fund their efforts for the game’s production, Kremo En Si launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter asking potential players to help them gather at least $250. While this rather humble goal was reached fairly quickly, the campaign only picked up from there. With over a month still remaining, Maid In Heaven has already accrued $4,049, which is over 1500% of the requested funding.

The additional funding also allowed the developers meet all of their stretch goals. The game will now feature additional challenge areas, a digital art booklet, an extra chapter from the master’s perspective, some visual customization for the maids, and even additional tie-in games, including a dating sim and a potential sequel to be developed after the game comes out.

While the crowdfunding campaign for Maid In Heaven is already a success, the campaign is still live for anyone interested in pledging. The Kickstarter page will remain active until September 3rd. For as little as $1, you can pre-order a copy of the game, with the release being scheduled for sometime in December. Higher tiers will grant you access to a special in-game outfit, let you put your name in the credits, and may allow you to request scenes or outfits that could appear in-game.

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