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Survival Horror Game The Sexorcist Released on Steam

Escape from a house and exorcise a horny succubus in Squid Hat’s The Succubus, a survival horror game now available on Steam.

The Sexorcist is a 3D survival horror game in which you must escape from a succubus. You play as a professional exorcist, who was called to deal with an aggressive demon inside a house. Though the exorcist initially expected this to be an easy job, they soon find themselves locked inside the house, with the succubus hunting them down. The rooms are all pitch black and completely silent; even the slightest noise could catch her attention. In order to avoid becoming the succubus’ toy, players will have to stay quiet and try to escape the house.

Escaping the home will require the player to find keys and solve puzzles, using items around the area to fight back against the demon and help them escape. Players will have to consider collecting every item if they want to punish the slutty succubus thoroughly. If you manage to stop her, you can begin the exorcism, in which you can force the succubus into a variety of player-controlled animations and make her beg for more.

As players find different endings in the game, different customizations options will also be unlocked for the succubus. Various parts of her appearance can be toggled on or off, such as her glasses, stockings, panties, bra and more. There are also different skins that can be unlocked, with some of the better options made available for those who 100% the game.

You're Trapped!

You, a professional exorcist, find yourself trapped in a house with an aggressive demon after answering what was supposed to be an ordinary job (embarrassing, right?).The rooms are dark, and every sound you make is sure to attract attention. Stay quiet, stay low, and always keep an eye out for a way to escape or finish the job you came here to do. You'll be used like a toy if you get caught.

You can buy The Sexorcist on Steam for a discounted price of $3.59. After August 4th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $3.99.

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