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MangaGamer has made two new license announcements during their panel at Otakon 2022.

During this year's Otakon, an annual anime convention in Washington, DC, MangaGamer announced two new titles. The first announcement is Nightmare x Sisters - Sacrifice of Lust-Hell, a title by Guilty, the same creators behind Gibo: Stepmother’s Sin. Nightmare x Sisters - Sacrifice of Lust-Hell is the first game in Guilty’s Nightmare series, following the siblings Setsuna and Yuka, exorcists and sisters of the Central Church. Their job is to rid the world of demonic forces that possess innocent humans.

When Yuka ends up being kidnapped by a mysterious organization, Setsuna takes it upon herself to search for her missing sister. Little does she know, this organization was also planning to abduct Setsuna as well. Can both Yuka and Setsuna escape their clutches or will they be forced to breed the next generation of demons?

Our protagonist is a girl named Setsuna Shindo. At first glance, she's just a normal high school student, but after school and on her days off, she's a Sister of the Central Church along with her older sister, Yuka. However that's not all they are. Sisters by blood and Sisters of the church, there's a darker side to their duties:

Exorcism, the dispelling of vile demonic forces that have forced their way into the bodies of innocent humans. Cases of possessions have been on the rise of late, and as the thought surfaced as to whether this was some kind of dark premonition...

Yuka would find herself kidnapped by a mysterious organization, leaving no trace of her whereabouts. Setsuna searches for her missing sister, helped by the head priest of the church, and her childhood friend Toma Kitagawa.

Yuka's captors initiate their search for Setsuna as well, and this will mark the beginning of her eternal purgatory of vile lust...

The second announcement made was Waffle’s Funbag Fantasy 4 -Brother Aster-. This title takes place before the events of the original Funbag Fantasy, but almost a millennium after Funbag Fantasy 3if! Within the kingdom of Litovia, a holy monk of the Church of the Eastern Rood, Brother Astor, lives in a village plagued by constant minotaur raids. The queen of the kingdom was asked to marry the minotaurs in order to establish a peaceful alliance, but refused, as that would cause the religion of the region to be converted from the Church of the Eastern Rood to the Church of the Holy Rood. She has instead ordered Brother Astor’s monastery to bolster their garrisons and protect the villages from the minotaur raids. The title will see Brother Astor using both his cunning and lust to climb the ranks of the church and get in bed with five voluptuous heroines.

Medieval society was divided into three orders: the men of prayer, the men of war, and the men of the plow.

The Kingdom of Litovia, located in East-Central Eurodia, was bordered by two powers: the northerly Kingdom of Armekia, and the Confederation of Minotaur Tribes in the Labyrinth Forest, both of which put great pressure on Litovia.

As the humans began clearing land for civilization, raids and pillages by the minotaurs increased. The Kingdom of Litovia attempted to subjugate the minotaurs with force, but suffered a great defeat... and despite efforts at reconciliation, raids and pillages continued.

The Litovians also proposed an alliance against the minotaurs with its northern neighbor, the Kingdom of Armekia, but the answer that came back was an overbearing one.

"We'll help you if the queen of Litovia becomes my wife."

Such a marriage would mean that the nation of Litovia would have to collectively convert from the Church of the Eastern Rood to the Church of the Holy Rood. The Litovians could not accept this.

Moreover, due to the minotaur raids, Litovian military strength in its border regions was greatly reduced, forcing the queen of Litovia to make a painful choice as to whether to tax her subjects to the bone and buy peace with money... or to reinforce the border garrisons, despite the lack of available manpower. Therefore, she turned to a last and most desperate resort, ordering the monasteries near the border to organize their own garrisons to defend themselves.

One of the monasteries that received this order was called Berensch, and among the monks who lived there was our protagonist, Astor.

You can find more information about both Nightmare x Sisters - Sacrifice of Lust-Hell and Funbag Fantasy 4 -Brother Aster- over on MangaGamer.

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