Putting the D in the double D.

Use an enchanted card deck to win the affections of multiple women in AniCore Team’s Forever To You!, a card game now available on Steam.

Forever To You! blends the stylings of visual novel storytelling with a card game. Players take the role of an unfulfilled writer, looking for inspiration. While lamenting his lack of personal experiences to base his writing on, he notices a man sobbing on a bench. In trying to make his way to the man, the protagonist sees the stranger disappear, leaving behind a half-finished bottle of liquor and a deck of cards.

When trying to investigate the cards, the protagonist is approached by an unusual woman dressed as a harlequin. She explains that the deck has magical powers: if he wins a card game against another person while using it, they will fall head over heels for him. There’s also a danger to these cards, as most people using the deck end up losing their passions after tasting too many pleasures. She hands the deck out to people simply to watch them fall from grace; however, if one used the cards more wisely, they wouldn't have to worry about such a dire fate. Though initially apprehensive, the protagonist eventually accepts the deck, heeding the harlequin’s warnings.

Forever To You! follows a slice-of-life storyline told using a visual novel interface, with the card game segments interspersed throughout. The card game in question is largely reminiscent of blackjack, albeit with a few extra rules and limitations. Every turn, players will draw one card, which they can play or keep for later. Only four number cards can be on the table at once. In order to win, the player has to place down cards whose numbers are equal to the winning score determined for the round. Certain effect cards can manipulate the board by removing, duplicating, or stealing cards from the opponent.

Early in the morning you leave the entrance of your house, full of thoughts about the future, when suddenly you notice a strange man crying on a far bench in the courtyard. However, as you approach the bench, you find no one there, and in the person’s, place is a pack of cards. After picking them up, a strange girl dressed in a harlequin costume appears in front of you. She tells you that the cards are magic and will allow you to get any girl you can play with and defeat her.

What happens next? Who are you going to play with? With your sultry, classical literature teacher at your college? Or maybe your childhood friend, who already has feelings for you? Or maybe with the beautiful Frenchwoman who also happens to be the young hostess of the cafe where you moonlight? Or maybe with the owner of these magical cards? It's up to you to choose!

• A storyline divided into chapters - each chapter tells a story with a different heroine;

• The card game is based on a real game of "21no", with modifications to the game;

• A variety of mini-games found in all chapters;

• More than 10 bed scenes in the form of a minigame;

• A handy gallery that allows you to view the open bed scenes;

• Free undressing card game mode;

• Pleasant musical accompaniment;

Forever To You! is now available on Steam for $4.99. A demo of the game can also be downloaded from the store page.

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