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Conquer a nightclub by playing its peculiar card game in Furry Tails’ Furry Cyberfucker II, an erotic card battle game now available on Steam.

Furry Cyberfucker II takes players back to the futuristic furry universe introduced by the game's predecessor, this time with new characters. In the sequel, the story follows a muscular wolf man named Blade during his escapades in one of the town’s nightclubs. With it being his first time at this particular bar, he wasn’t aware of its unusual tradition: a card game played by the locals. Those who lose the card game are obligated to get naked for the rest of the night. Seeing his chance to see the staff and other party-goers in their birthday suits, Blade begins challenging one woman after the other.

There are five opponents to play against in the game, each with their own set of cards. The game is turn-based, with players drawing cards until they have five in their hand. With no special effects, up to three cards can be played per turn. Players can apply a card’s effects to themselves, raising their attributes, or spend it to perform an attack. Certain cards can only be played in one specific way, while others may also consume attribute points as a resource cost for their activation. The first player to win two duels, wins the game.

Each of the five girls shares a short dialogue with Blade during their meeting in story mode, showcasing their personality. Winning against one of the club-goers rewards you with new cards and unlocks their animated nude CG for the game's image gallery.

Furry Cyberfucker II is a continuation of our cyberpunk-themed CCG game Furry Cyberfucker with even more hot animated sex scenes, that become available once you beat your enemies. You have to match cards at your disposal in a way, that will allow you to increase your own skills and health, while taking down your opponent at the same time.

Furry Cyberfucker II gameplay is a combination of visual novel and twist of a classic CCG game. With each turn you receive a set number of unique cards, which you can use of both your enemy, as well as yourself. By applying a certain card on yourself, you gain benefits of the card. By applying the same card on the opponent, you damage them. The strength of each card determine the results of its use in both cases. When your turn ends, it's your enemy's turn. Your goal is to go through the story, take down your opponents to open all the scenes.

Furry Cyberfucker II is now available on Steam for $6.99.

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