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A young man uses his power to help troubled girls in Purple Software’s Amatsutsumi, a romance visual novel now available on multiple storefronts.

Amatsutsumi follows the exploits of a young man named Makoto, who holds a mysterious power known as the kotodama. This power allows him to command others by simply using his voice. He developed this power during his time growing up in a reclusive village, where he was stuck for his entire childhood. After growing up, he decides to travel outside his remote home, but lacks the necessary experience to prepare himself for the journey. In the end, he collapses near the first town he comes across.

He ends up being saved by a young woman named Oribe Kokoro, whose family runs a local café. Using his power, Makoto convinces the Oribe family to let him stay with them, ultimately joining Kokoro at school and finally experiencing a normal life outside the village. As Makoto continues to meet new people, he befriends many girls who each face their own problems. Using his power, he attempts to help them out.

Our hero, Makoto, possesses the power of “kotodama” which allows one to control people with the power of one’s voice.

Having an interest in the outside world, he leaves the hidden village he has lived in all his life. However, he found himself woefully unprepared and collapses on the side of the road in a small town almost as remote as his village. Just as he’s resigned himself to death, he’s saved by Oribe Kokoro, a girl whose family runs a cafe in that town.

Using his kotodama powers, Makoto becomes a part of the Oribe family and begins attending school with Kokoro. He soon meets several girls who each have their own special circumstances. Will Makoto be able to use kotodama to help these girls? And what is the true nature of kotodama?

This is a story of the words that weave the ties that bind…

Amatsutsumi is now available on Denpasoft, JAST USA, and Sekai Project for the promotional price of $26.99, where it will later cost $29.99. The visual novel was originally scheduled to release on Steam as well, but was denied release on the platform for undisclosed reasons.

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