...the fuck?

Breed and sell slaves and monsters in Team APPLEPIE's slave breeding simulator, Monster Black Market, now available on DLsite.

Monster Black Market is a game centered around breeding slaves and monsters, in which you sell monsters and earn a profit. The biggest crime boss in the country, Amilia, has a job for you: she’ll give you your very own turf, as long as you start a profitable monster farm. If you can earn a certain amount of money in fifty days, you will earn her respect and become a man.

Players start the game with just a slave girl and a monster. By breeding them, you can produce even more monsters and slave girls. When your slave gives birth, you can either sell the monster babies once they've matured or keep them to breed more monsters. After giving birth, players can place the slave girl in a milking room so she can produce breast milk, which can be fed to slaves to develop their bodies and reveal new traits. Since their health depletes after giving birth and milking, it's important to ensure slave girls rest enough so that they can be bred again.

Each monster and slave girl has their own traits that can improve the rate of conception, growth of the baby, and more. When a monster and slave breed, their traits and characteristics can be passed onto the child. Additionally, some traits are more valuable than others, making it all the more important to keep track of them when breeding. Moreover, slaves and monsters are available for purchase at different times of day; slaves can be bought during the day, while monsters are available at night. To raise even more money, you can set up a brothel and put your slave girls to work.

Slaves and Monsters

There are 8 different types of slave, and 5 different types of monster!

Some species will have alternative appearances and traits.

Mix and match, breed and hatch!

Combine monsters and slaves of varying types to breed the best products!

Operate within and outside the law!

Manage a legitimate brothel to finance your more monstrous undertakings...!

Helpful NPCs

There are several NPCs who will help you expand your operation. They may even have some special goods or services available just for you...!

H scenes animated with Spine 2D

Over 50 sex animations created with Spine2D!

You can buy Monster Black Market on DLsite for 1,980¥, which is approximately $14.48. There is also a demo available on the store page that you can try out. Just be sure to make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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