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Action Horror Game Girl & Chainsaw Now Available on DLsite

Fight your way out of a zombie-infested school in Mistilteinn’s Girl & Chainsaw, an action horror game now available on DLsite.

Girl & Chainsaw is a 3D action horror game set in a zombie-infested town. At first, everyone took the alleged zombie appearances for baseless rumors, but their numbers grew exponentially, forcing the city to be put into lockdown. Hime Amano was a streamer trying to make it big on the web as all this was unfolding. Once the internet got cut off, she quickly grew bored and decided to sneak into the school at the very end of the quarantined zone. After barricading it thoroughly, she started using the equipment there to make videos for the future, so that she can upload them after escaping the epidemic and get rich.

While initially successful, Hime gets into trouble when Ria, another survivor, crashes a car through her barricade at the main entrance. She manages to save Ria, but gets caught and abused by the zombies herself. It's only thanks to a chainsaw she noticed in her hand during the struggle that she was able to saw through the undead horde towards safety. Pairing up with the mysterious Ria — and later on, the responsible honor student, Iyo — Hime attempts to make it out of the lockdown alive.

Throughout the game, players run around as Hime, cutting through large swathes of zombies. The heroine can perform light and heavy attacks with her weapon, as well as utilize several useful items scattered throughout the map. New skills can be unlocked by finding magazines containing combat tips that Hime can learn from. Players are given free rein to run around the school at their leisure, but are also given specific objectives to accomplish that will progress the story.

Whenever Hime takes damage, her clothes tear up; if caught while naked, Hime will be abused by the undead. Other adult scenes also play out as part of the story, with the erotic content focusing on the heroines being raped at the hands of zombies. All of the game's sex scenes are fully animated, with the game also being fully voiced. There are three endings to discover in Girl & Chainsaw, with an approximate playtime of four hours.

Girl & Chainsaw is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $11.18 (estimated from ¥1,540) until July 25th, at which point it will cost $15.98 (estimated from ¥2,200). A macOS version of the game is being sold separately at the same price. The game's demos are available on the respective versions’ store pages.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to a Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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