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Management Game Golden Axe Idol Now Available on Steam

A young blacksmith starts an idol career to save the world in Mr.H’s Golden Axe Idol, a management game now available on Steam.

Golden Axe Idol takes place in the frozen lands around the Forge Town. The city wasn’t always surrounded by ice, until one night some time ago when a pillar of ice erupted from the ground, spreading cold over the lands. In the hopes of saving the world, a local blacksmith, Kimmy, wants to forge the greatest golden axe, which would allow her to cut down the pillar. Unfortunately, the project turns out to be prohibitively expensive. To finance her grand plan, she begins working as an idol and hires you as her manager.

The game mainly centers around managing the finances of Kimmy’s forge and idol careers. Players can make money by using the forge and sending Kimmy out to host shows. Funds can be used to improve the forge, bringing the project closer to a success, though as the forge improves, the more it costs to operate. As such, players have to be mindful of just how quickly they expand their endeavors as they balance their income.

The game plays out in turns, each depicting a month in Kimmy’s life. During each turn, the player can organize an idol show for Kimmy, invest in her forge, and go on trips. Some actions have events associated with them that will further progress the story and the player’s relationship with Kimmy. The game features two difficulty settings, five endings to discover, and up to 100,000 words of scenario text.


One day an Ice Pillar appeared in the world, freezing everything up to the borders of small southern town, Forge Town. A blacksmith girl living there wants to create the strongest Golden Axe, so she can use it to cut down the Ice Pillar and save the world.Although she has some money, she still needs more for research and development. In order to earn money she has to work as a part-time idol. This is a story of a Golden Axe Idol who works as a blacksmith and an idol in order to save the world.


Players manage Kimmy’s blacksmith shop to earn enough money to craft golden axes. Monthly income plays an important role in your balance sheet, and upgrading your blacksmith shop means more monthly expenses. But you can seek additional funding or take on celebrity work to earn extra income. How you find balance is up to you, but be careful. Making the wrong choice might lead to unexpected results.

◆Game Features

Five different endingsLove cultivation game

RNG-based income, difficulty can vary

Story about beauty full of drama and sex

Up to 100,000 words of scenario text

Golden Axe Idol is now available on Steam for $13.99.

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