Daddy is coming

A demon gets forced into her own kinky game in Overlord Empire LLC's RPG, Hanaja’s Body, now available on Steam.

Hanaja’s Body is an RPG developed by Overlord Empire LLC’s, also known as SubSupreme, the creator behind the body transformation games Veronica’s Body and Victoria’s Body. In this game, you'll get to play as the titular Hanaja, the demon who humiliated the heroines from the previous entries by forcing them into sexy challenges for her own personal amusement. Someone known as Madame V has managed to trap Hanaja in a void, where she is forced to experience her own twisted games firsthand. Hanaja will have to endure countless sexual transformations and humiliation to unearth the mastermind behind all this, without once succumbing to a game of own creation.

In Hanaja’s Body, players will face off against enemies that will use magic and sexual stimulation to transform Hanaja's body. A spirit will slowly possess her body by transforming a part of it. These transformations will give you new strengths and weaknesses, with players able to have more than one transformation at a time. Additionally, some transformations are needed to solve puzzles or acquire new battle skills. Players will need to use their transformations to progress through the story and discover the true identity of Madame V.

- Each body part is transformed separately, allowing you to mix and match the strengths and weaknesses of many transformations, ranging from a magical bunny girl to a cat girl made from gelatin!

- Change up combat with different transformations! Each body part and transformation gives Hanaja access to new and powerful battle skills!

- Enchant your favorite transformations to power them up with unique Augments found throughout the various zones.

- Travel through four unique worlds, each featuring a unique transformation, enemy types, and a powerful boss.

- Enjoy a new, engaging, and lighthearted story that the series is known and loved for.

You can buy Hanaja’s Body on Steam for $9.99.

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