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INAZUMA SOFT’s slice-of-life comedy RPG about a young master playing pranks on his innocent maids, TRATRITLE, is now available on Steam.

TRATRITLE is a slice-of-life comedy game about a perverted young master who plays pranks on his maids. The game plays out both inside and around a large mansion, where the protagonist lives with a trio of servants. The three innocent and well-meaning girls don’t realize how much strain they put on their master, who they keep unintentionally arousing. Frustrated, he writes a letter to his father, seeking advice on how to handle the problem. In response, his father assigns a succubus maid to help out at the mansion.

Playing as the young master, players have to find ways to become closer with their favorite maid. The game involves tasks such as hiding in places where the protagonist can steal a peek at the heroines, or helping them out to use as leverage for increasingly demanding requests. The heroines go about their day, committing various tasks, with players having to plan their actions according to the maid’s schedule. The game also provides hints for those who run out of ideas on how to tease the maids.

The game aims to maintain a wholesome tone throughout and focuses on foreplay and sexual services for its adult content, with actual penetrative sex being a late-game reward that mainly occurs during each girl’s endings.


A little master lived happily with his maids.But what bothered him was that the maids were too naive and simple.

One day, he received a letter from his father. He thought he could solve the current problem... But unexpectedly, another succubus maid came.

What earth-shaking changes will take place in his life?


• Various interactions with the maids

• Maids who can move freely have their own rules of action

• Time management

• Rich story

TRATRITLE is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $17.99 until July 22nd, at which point it will cost $19.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately using a free patch found on the publisher’s website.

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