Putting the D in the double D.

BigGuy Games’ erotic visual novel about hypnotizing women, Harem of Nurses, is now available on Steam.

In Harem of Nurses, you play as a man who recently lost his job. While drifting down the street and daydreaming about harems, his thoughts were interrupted by a hot, arrogant chick in a luxury car. He stumbles across a hypnosis device, thinking that this might just be the key to realizing those daydreams.

After getting a job as a security guard at a hospital, you end up losing your temper at your unreasonable female boss and use the hypnosis device. She promptly submits to your every demand, leading you to feel a satisfying victory over her. At this point, you decide to use this device to create your own harem, with there being five women your sights are set on. The group consists of an arrogant doctor, a gentle nurse who acts like a big sister, a nurse who would make for a cute girlfriend, a strict disciplinary nurse, and a weak-looking MILF.

After using the hypnosis device for the first time, players can decide how to spend the remainder of the in-game day. Players are free to choose which girls and which storylines they want to pursue, with the choices they make either leading you into help or harm. If players are hesitant, reckless, or excessively greedy, they may put themselves in danger. Whether players can achieve their dream harem or lose everything depends purely on their choices.

◆Game Features

◇18 basic CGs, including more than 200 differentials

◇Game text: 80,000

◇Five main female characters

◇Game endings: 2 types (including a bad ending and a good ending of the harem dream)

◆Featured system

◇Full CG mode can be turned on in the gameplay environment setting, allowing you to browse HCGs freely.

◇Stress-free operation--fast text skipping system

You can buy Harem of Nurses on sale for $6.29 on Steam. After July 22nd, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $6.99.

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