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Demo for Stealth Puzzle Game Nude Crisis Now Available on Newgrounds and

A demo for Azurezero’s upcoming stealth puzzle game, Nude Crisis, has been released on Newgrounds.

Nude Crisis follows Hina, a young woman who’s just finished enjoying a shower at her workplace. To her surprise, when she returns to the changing room, she finds her locker wide open and her belongings gone. Too embarrassed to ask for help, she attempts to escape the office and sneak her way back home unnoticed.

The player’s task is to guide the heroine through various office and public spaces as she attempts to return home. The game plays using a simultaneous turn system, in which other characters move at the exact moment Hina does. This makes it possible to plan out the entire route for the level at one’s own pace, though it also means that Hina will have to step to trigger the movement of others as well.

Levels differ in complexity by introducing larger amounts of onlookers and additional gimmicks. These gimmicks include impassable glass panes that can render Hina visible, bushes to hide in, or buttons to press.

Failing to sneak through a level causes the spotter to take a photo of Hina. In the game's demo, players are also shown all available CGs after beating the final stage.

Nude Crisis is a stealth based puzzle game.

Hina finds her clothes stolen after she takes a shower at work, now she needs to escape her office and make it home without being spotted.


Mouse for menus

arrow keys to move

enter key to advance dialogue

You can play the demo for Nude Crisis either in your own browser over on Newgrounds or download it from The full version of the game is scheduled to release in the coming months on Steam, and DLsite.

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