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Bygesagirls’ Short Boys Love Visual Novel Ugly Bastard Released on Itch.io

A professor pays his beautiful student for sex in Bygesagirls' yaoi visual novel, Ugly Bastard, now available on Itch.io.

Ugly Bastard is a yaoi visual novel developed by Bygesagirls, wherein a teacher persuades his student into a sexual relationship. Players take control of the fat and grumpy college professor, Lawrence P’weens, who leads a boring life with the same, tiresome routine every day. Not a single student even cared about his class — except for one. Alex Ingus was handsome, attentive, and eager to learn, but showed up to class in tears on one day.

Alex told Lawrence that he couldn't attend his classes anymore, because he lost his job and wouldn’t be able to pay rent soon. He didn't want to disappoint his parents by dropping out of school, but felt that he had no choice. After seeing him in such a vulnerable state, Lawrence had a wicked suggestion for Alex: Lawrence will give Alex the money he needs if he obeys and has sex with him. During their twisted arrangement, Lawrence tries to seduce and corrupt Alex.

The visual novel has three endings and erotic scenes to experience. The developer has described Ugly Bastard as a short boys love visual novel with dark humor.

Ugly Bastard Visual Novel

"Lawrence P'weens is a grumpy old college professor; bored with his everyday life and hates his job. All of that changes when one of his students asks to drop out of class. The beauty of this boy gives him a wicked idea..."

Ugly Bastard is an 18+ boys love visual novel about Lawrence romancing Alex.

You can buy Ugly Bastard for $5.00 on Itch.io. Additionally, there's also a demo available for PC and Mac, featuring a short introduction to the game's story.

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