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Save the begrudged populace of the kingdom from the demon lord’s invasion in 四畳半ファクトリー’s Mon-Musu Quest, an adventure RPG now available on FAKKU! and Steam.

Mon-Musu Quest takes place in a kingdom once rescued from a demon lord’s invasion by a brave hero. In case of a future revival of the demon lord, the king has established a tax, whose funds were to go to the hero and his descendants. Despite the best intentions, the tax wasn’t able to provide a living wage to the hero’s children, yet at the same time made the kingdom’s citizens despise the hero’s bloodline with each generation.

Now, when the demon lord returns, you, as one of the hero’s descendants, have no equipment or funds to prepare for the battle. At the same time, you’re shunned by the populace, which expects you to defeat the demon lord and refuses to speak with you. With nothing but your two trusty maids at your side, you have to depart for the demon’s lord castle, hopeful that you can match your ancestor’s accomplishments.

Due to the game’s story, few NPCs want to deal with the hero. As such, the game focuses on simply exploring its large world in a blind search for the demon lord. Thankfully, you aren’t completely defenseless, because you've inherited special erotic techniques for vanquishing demons from your ancestors. There are 40 monsters girls to encounter, with each defeated enemy appearing in the monster encyclopedia. The game features five different endings to discover, as well as a new game plus mode to make multiple playthroughs more interesting.


Random encounter, and turn-based combat!

...Encounters randomly with monsters on the field!

Gain your level and learn various skills.

Make your way to the castle of the Demonlord!

...Since the citizens hate you, you have no equipment nor any idea of the destination...!?

Wander around the world to find the path to the castle!

Mon-Musu Quest is now available on FAKKU and Steam for $14.99. Adult content for the Steam version of the game has to be installed separately using a patch available on the publisher’s website, listed under the Japanese title of the game: モンムスクエスト.

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