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A teacher tutors his little sisters in exchange for pampering them in Chinkamo Twins, a visual novel now available on MangaGamer, Denpasoft, and JAST USA.

In Chinkamo Twins, you play as an older brother who learn that his little sisters, Saya and Uya, are failing their classes. As a teacher at their school, you want to help by tutoring them, but they refuse to study whatsoever: Uya is an airhead who ditches studying for basketball practice and Saya would rather stay inside and play video games. You promise to spoil them if they comply with a study session, but your sweet treatment has made them realize they have romantic feelings for you. What started as an earnest attempt to help has led Saya and Uya to compete against each other for their older brother's affection, leading their family life to grow even more complicated.

The visual novel features Japanese voice acting and is playable in English and Chinese (both simplified and traditional). Additionally, the game gives players the option to toggle their sisters’ appearance; on the main menu, you can choose to display Uya and Saya in their default sprites, with animal ears, naked, or naked with animal ears.


Voiced by: Naruse Nagomi

A gamer girl who knows exactly what she wants.

Saya hates studying and isn't doing so well at school but she loves her Onii-chan like a good little kitty!

Clingy and needy, but keeps her distance in public. Prefers to stay in and likes nothing better than quietly snuggling up with Onii-chan when no one else is around.

Loves reading manga and gaming, and can often be found playing video games on her Onii-chan's lap.

Skilled with the side-eye.


Voiced by: Hiiragi Sayoko

A sporty girl who always looks on the bright side.

Uya hates studying and isn't doing so well at school, but she loves her Onii-chan like a good little puppy!

Likes to be out of the house, and can often be found nuzzling up to Onii-chan with a big grin on her face. You can practically see her tail wagging.

Sometimes tries to find opportunities to keep him to herself by taking advantage of Saya's shut-in ways. Ruled by her emotions, she likes to be active and is prone to physical expressions (attacks) of love.

Basically, she's kind of an airhead.

You can buy Chinkmo Twins on sale for $11.04 from JAST USA, Denpasoft, and MangaGamer. After the sale ends, the game will return to its original sales price, $12.99.

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