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During their panel at the 2022 Anime Expo, JAST USA announced five new adult titles that the company will be publishing.

The first license JAST USA announced was Inyochu: Insects of Insemination by TinkerBell. The Black Cat Brigade is a demon hunting company made up of half-humans. When the company received a call about a haunted school, Takeru decided to handle the case on her own; however, one week has passed since then and Takeru still hasn’t reported back to the company. Mikoto and Yamato visit the school themselves to find Takeru, but the school in question doesn’t initially appear to be haunted. With permission from the principal, the two of them go undercover to continue their search. During their investigation, they encounter Yamato’s childhood friend, Sui, who met with Takeru before she disappeared. As they gain more information, it becomes clear that something strange is going on in this school. According to JAST USA, this title is fully translated and edited.

The next announcement is a title from Alcot, the developer of Onigokko!! and My Girlfriend is the President!. Tokyo Hero Project is a super hero-centric eroge where the protagonist joins an evil society that fights against the heroes. Two years ago, the titular Tokyo Hero Project was enforced by placing cosplaying heroes in the twenty-three wards of Japan to promote public morals. What the public didn’t know is that the heroes had special powers that they used to fight against the Black Outsiders, a secret evil organization.

Kotaru is a poor student who was merely heading to his part-time job, when he witnessed a battle between a cosplayer and someone wearing a mascot costume. He ended up losing his job as a result of this incident, so his friend, Nagahiko, suggested a new one. Kotaru took the offer, with a girl in a black cloak welcoming him to the Black Outsiders afterwards. Now, he gets paid to fight against cosplaying heroes while wearing a mascot costume. JAST USA has stated that this title is almost finished.

The third announcement is Gore Screaming Show, originally developed by Black Cyc. While his parents are working overseas, Jinno Kyouji returns to the suburbs to live with his aunt, an occult loving woman. As expected, his aunt asks him to help her with a paranormal phenomenon that she's currently researching. Together with his aunt and a few friends, he traveled to an ominous forest bordering the town. In the forest, Kyouji finds a decayed well, where a young girl suddenly appears. She seemed rather nice to him, but was revolted by his female companions. This mysterious girl wants to ruin any relationship Kyouji has with a girl and is more than willing to use supernatural forces to do it. Gore Screaming Show is currently slated for a release this year.

The next announcement is the RPG Gears of Dragoon: Fragments of a New Era!, by ninetail, who developed the VenusBlood series. The city-state Carnas has prospered due to its magical culture, but underneath it lay a labyrinth of ruins where a fallen mechanical civilization once flourished. One day, the people excavated the ruins and found a machine buried within. After restoring the machine, they learned it had great power, creating tension between different civilizations and sparking an interest within the old civilization. The protagonist, Rosta, pledges to follow his father’s last request to find the truth behind history and the power hidden deep within the ruins. This game is the second in the Gears of Dragoon series, though you don’t need to play the first game to follow this entry. The title is currently finished and is undergoing testing.

This final announcement wasn’t made at their Anime Expo panel, but rather on JAST USA’s own Twitter. NITRO PLUS’ sci-fi visual novel, Tokyo Necro, is complete and will be released soon. The game is set in an era of necromancers. The story's two protagonists, Kibanohara Ethica and Nagaoka Souun, are “Private Special Living Dead Stalkers” and thanks to their expertise in a special martial arts skill, they're among the best in their field. During a mission, Souun is locked in a fierce battle when he meets a young girl who only remembers her name: “Hougyou Ilia.” She's inexplicably become the target of a group of necromancers and doesn't even know why. The story follows the living dead stalkers as they put their lives on the line for this one mysterious girl.

You can view all of JAST USA’s announcements on their Twitter account.

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