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Following their announcements from Anime Central, MangaGamer has revealed two new licenses during the 2022 Anime Expo, including an AliceSoft title.

Among the adult publishers present at Anime Expo 2022 is MangaGamer, who took the opportunity to reveal a couple of new games at the event. They previously revealed some of their upcoming games during Anime Central, which included a comedic nukige and a boy’s love title. This time, the company has announced a remake of a renowned RPG from AliceSoft and a new BL game from parade, the developers of Room No.9.

The first of the two titles is Rance 03 - The Fall Of Leazas. Based on the original Rance III, the remake features entirely new visuals, an updated narrative, renewed gameplay. The story will take players to the titular Kingdom of Leazas, besieged by the elite forces of Helman, who allied themselves with the fiends. In a desperate bid to save her kingdom, the queen aims to enlist the aid of Rance, the renowned adventurer, with a plea for help. To save the kingdom, Rance will first have to acquire the legendary weapon Chaos, known for its power to slay even the fiends and an iconic element of the franchise by this point.

Rance will fight his way through many dungeons, use every opportunity to rape the cast of heroines, and team up with over 20 characters on his way to save the kingdom. You can read more about Rance 03 on the game’s dedicated promotional page.

The second title, developed by parade, is the romantic drama visual novel, Lkyt. The story takes place in deserted lands once destroyed by demon invasion. The Seaside Nation was established at the edge of these lands to protect humanity from future threats of demonic invasion. People born in the nation train day in and day out, fortifying themselves against a potential return of the demons, who strike very few generations.

The protagonist of the story, Tasuku, is one of the soldiers training to combat the potential invasion. Despite his young age, he’s highly respected for his combat prowess. Though no body expected the demons to have started their attack for at least a few more decades, Tasuku and his companions are soon alerted to signs of an approaching war. He and his fellow soldiers will have to face the threat as their predecessors did, with the fate of humanity resting on their shoulders. You can read more about the Lkyt. on its promotional website.

You can view all of this year’s reveals on MangaGamer’s announcements page, which also teases one more potential title to be revealed sometime in the future.

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