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Denpasoft has announced plans to localize four titles by Blue Arrow Garden and one from Kurenaibook at the 2022 Anime Expo.

During their panel at the 2022 Anime Expo, Denpasoft announced a few titles that they plan to localize, with four of these made by the 3DCG creator, Blue Arrow Garden. These four titles are Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation, Hiiragi’s Special Lesson, Succubus Shelly, and Succubus Shelly 2.

In Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation, a big brother has indecent thoughts about his sister Chinatsu, but has never made a single move on her. While the two were at the beach recently, Chinatsu challenged him to a game of volleyball; if she loses, she'll do whatever he wants for a whole day. Not only is his body ready, but he has some naughty plans in store for Chinatsu.

Hirragi’s Special Lesson is a game that involves the same characters from Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation. Hiiragi wants to have sex with her senpai, but he doesn't seem to notice her advances. When Chinatsu, her senpai’s younger sister, tells her that he'll be staying after school, Hiiragi takes this opportunity to fuck him in the classroom. Later on, she hears noises from the classroom and peeps inside, only to find him and Chinatsu having sex. The next day, Hiiragi confronts her senpai and blackmails him into fucking her.

In Succubus Shelly, the titular character, Shelly, is a succubus that gives men erotic dreams so that she can feed on them. One night, as she was feeding on her usual victim, he suddenly turned the tables on her and made Shelly into his love slave, cumming deep into her womb and making a binding contract that gives him the advantage in their relationship.

Succubus Shelly 2 is an entry that takes place after the prior game, following Shelly and her new husband on their honeymoon at an island resort. By day, she wears the school swimsuit that he loves, with the two having fun on the beach together. By night, Shelly’s husband punishes her slutty pussy with his cock.

The final title of Denpasoft's announcements is NTR Mousou sareru Fujiki-san! by Kurenaibook, the same developer behind the game GLARE1MORE. This title is currently still in development, so there isn't much information about it; based on the name, though, it's safe to assume netorare will be involved.

You can view more of the announcements over on Denpasoft’s Twitter account.

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