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During Sekai Project’s panel at 2022's annual Anime Expo, eight new visual novel titles were announced.

On July 2nd, Sekai Project held a panel at the yearly Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles, California, during which they revealed a handful of new titles.

Their first announcement was NEKO WORKS’ dog girl-centered game, INUPARA. Information about this game, along with the character profiles, were first announced on March 31st over on NEKO WORKS’ Twitter account. In the game proper, you play as a young man in college who works part-time as a pet groomer. He lived an ordinary life with his pet dogs Tanpopo, a pomeranian, and Himawari, a shiba.

One morning, the protagonist woke up to find that his loyal pups turned into dog girls. The dogs of his parents and sister have also turned into girls, having come over to live with him. He panics and thinks it all to be a dream, but one girl claiming to be Botan, a corgi that his parents had since he was a child, tells him of things that only the dog herself could possibly know. Each of these dog girls have crazy personalities, but thanks to his older sister, a master coddler, he has experience dealing with girls with difficult personalities.

Another NEKO WORKS title was the focus of Sekai Project's next announcement: NEKOPARA After - La Vraie Familie. After recognizing Kashou’s talents as a patissiere, Beignet — Kashou’s mentor and owner of the original La Soleil in France — decided to close down her shop and entrust him with her cat girl, Fraise.

Fraise loves Kashou, but doesn’t know how to handle his six catpanions, so she asks Kashou’s sister, Shigure, for advice; however, Shigure herself has hidden feelings for her brother as well. While Fraise believes that a relationship between siblings is more important, Shigure believes that the happiness of her cat girls takes precedence over her own feelings. Thus begins a battle between girl and cat girl, where one is determined to get the other to confess their love for Kashou first.

The next announcement is Parfait Remake, a visual novel developed by Entergram. The story takes place in “Brick Mall”, a huge shopping center designed with a medieval European town motif. The center is set to have its grand opening in a few months, with management aggressively trying to bring in popular restaurants. The protagonist, Hitoshi, is the owner of “famille,” a European-styled antique coffee shop that he runs with his sister-in-law, Ema. After losing the shop in a fire, they were planning to close it down for good until they received an invitation from the Brick Mall to open a new shop there. Seeing this as famille’s revival, Hitoshi decides to round up some of the staff from the old location.

As the staff prepares to open up shop in the Brick Mall, they notice the sign of another shop across from them: “Curio,” a European-styled, antique coffee shop with the same concept as famille. Knowing that famille was based off of curio, they wonder how their shop can compete against the original: Hitoshi’s friends insist that he give up, the shop is short-handed and the odds are stacked against him. Suddenly, a young girl in the shop’s uniform, Yui, appears before him, asking to work at famille. This girl’s smile and wonderful singing voice leads Hitoshi to believe that they can compete and win against curio.

The next title announced was madosoft’s Raspberry Cube. After an incident in his past, Azuma Satoru made it his goal to do good for others. He decided to return to Kawae, the town he used to live in until his parents divorced, to continue his good deeds. He rescued Kaidou Mikoto, the landlord’s daughter, who was harassed by thugs; he helped Kanou Minato, the only member of the gardening club, cultivate a field; he spends his time after classes as a part-time helper at an understaffed military hobby store with Yuzuki Yuu.

Satoru’s life centered around helping others is working out for him; however, his encounter with Ruri, the class president, doesn’t turn out the same way. The next day, she appears in front of him again and runs away. Thinking that she was there to thank him for something, Satoru chased after her, only to wind up landing waist-deep in dirt. Ruri took a picture of him in his unkempt state before running away, leading him to wonder if the class president holds a grudge against him.

The next announcement was another madosoft title: Hamidashi Creative. Tomohiro Izumi is known as an introvert in his class, often spending his quiet days by himself in the corner of the classroom. Eventually, these days came to an end when he was selected as the next student council president. It turns out that the academy held a sudden lottery for the student council president position and Tomohiro just happened to be the one chosen.

The spotlight lands squarely on Tomohiro, with rumors beginning to circulate about him. Tomohiro asks his guidance counselor to help him gather allies that he can depend on. Unfortunately, the candidates his advisor suggests, such as his classmate, Kano; the underclassman, Asumi; and even his little sister, Hiyori, never come to school in the first place. While the new student council president scrambles to sort things out, the former student council president, Shio, shows up again.

The next announcement is for Kuroirodoru Yomiji’s Watamari - A Match Made in Heaven Part1. Hoshina Hikari is a transfer student at the prestigious St. Leanne Girls Academy, but she was actually an agent sent by the “Agency” to uncover secrets hidden within the academy. While Hikari transferring to this school is rather extraordinary, everyone else is more interested in a ritual that takes place before the opening ceremonies.

During the ritual, students who manifest signs of the zodiac are given a title and blessing. These students become the Angels of the Zodiac, tasked with bringing fortune to the student body. Hikari was simply trying to complete her mission inconspicuously, but during the ceremony, she felt a burning sensation on her cheek. Somehow, she was blessed by the grace of Virgo and was given the title “Exousia.” What exactly is her connection with the other Angels of the Zodiac and just what secrets is the school hiding?

The next announcement is Nie no Hakoniwa, a title from NEKOWORKS sister brand, Chatte Noir. A long time ago, an outsider appeared in a village where a long-suffering minority resided. The outsider possessed a mysterious “box”, which was used by the villagers to overthrow their oppressors. Many years later, the once-oppressed villagers formed seven noble houses and prospered greatly; however, House Shiki, the first of the noble houses, had no a son to succeed the family. For the sake of having a family heir, they adopted Yasaka Kuro, a young man from outside the village. After Kuro met Kiyoko, the eldest daughter of House Shiki, the two found themselves drawn to each other. Unfortunately, on the day of their wedding, a nightmare was born.

The final announcement is for 122px no Meido’s HAPPY SAIN†SHEOL. Two thousand years ago, the Pestis Disaster spread through the land and corrupted all living things, rendering the land difficult to live on. There were still those who wanted to live on the dead land, and so they established a temple known as Saint Sheol of the Underworld. Thanks to a distant relative, the story's protagonist moved to the capital and worked as a trainee priest at Saint Sheol, enduring pain and suffering daily in the unfamiliar land.

One day, when he was in dire straits, he had a dream where an angel appeared before him, gently whispering to him , “Don’t worry.” The vision felt impossible, as he recognized the angel's face. Before the impending disaster, there were six girls. Inside the deepest corners of the temple, there was fear, miracles, love, and lust. After bearing witness to the darkest of darkness in the world, he must now confront the light. And thus, he asks, “Whose wings did I see that day?”

You can check out the full list of announced titles over on Sekai Project’s site.

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