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Enjoy a comfortable cohabitation with your cousin in BousabaG’s simulation game, With an Older Girl: Yuina’s Sweet Encouragement, now available on DLsite.

With an Older Girl: Yuina’s Sweet Encouragement is a life sim where you take control of a nameless protagonist, whose cousin takes care of them. One day, you return from an exhausting day of work to your cousin, Yuina, suddenly appearing in your apartment. Apparently, because you haven’t contacted your mother in a while, she sent Yuina over to check on you. After seeing firsthand just how tired and sickly you looked, Yuina decides to stay with you and help you destress.

In-game, players can perform a limited number of actions before going to sleep and starting the next day. You can bathe, sleep, talk to, cuddle with, and have sex with Yuina, with each option having different affects. Cuddling will make Yuina spoil you — or, if the option is unlocked, fool around with her. When you talk to Yuina, you can have a short chat together or pick between different conversation topics. After choosing a topic, a new one will be added onto the list of available options. Talking will help you get to know Yuina's interests and how she’s feeling. During your days off, you'll also have the option to take Yuina out on a date, with options such as seeing the aquarium together or watching a variety of movies.

When you meet certain requirements, you can unlock new interactions and costumes for Yuina. The game has no ending, so you can continue to play at your own leisure. It's purely up to the player whether they want Yuina to be their lover or maintain a platonic relationship together.

This is an interactive game where your objective is to communicate with the main character, Yuina.

You can hug and kiss her as much as you want,

put your head on her lap and let her clean your ears,

sleep in the same bed,

go out on your days off and have aquarium dates,

and simply continue to enjoy her 100% pure lovey-doviness!

Yuina is quite understanding about men's biological needs and is proactive when it comes to sex.

Handjobs, nursing handjobs, tit jobs, oral sex, missionary, doggy style, cowgirl...

The erotic scenes range from more orthodox scenes with scripted dialogue

to interactive sex where you can choose different commands!

After meeting certain requirements, you can also have sex in costume!

Wearing different costumes triggers special dialogue from Yuina.

You can buy With an Older Girl: Yuina’s Sweet Encouragement on DLsite for 2,200¥ (approx. $16.19). There's also a demo available on the store page that you can try out. Just be sure to make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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