If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Appetite’s nukige, The Invisible Man's Stealth NTR: Convincing and Inseminating the New Announcer with an Invisible Boner, is now available on Steam.

The protagonist of The Invisible Man's Stealth NTR: Convincing and Inseminating the New Announcer with an Invisible Boner is Takamu Tsuge, a dedicated fan of a female TV announcer, Yuki Konoe. Takumi finds himself attached to the presenter in a manner similar to the way in which one might be a fan of idols. Watching her on the regular gives him a feeling of peace and helps him recover from a tough day of work, imbuing him with the strength to keep on trotting along. This one-sided connection has a lot to do with his perception of Yuki, viewing her as a modest role model; even moreso when she declares herself to be single and uninterested in men.

One day, though, it comes to light that Yuki was lying: she actually leads an active sex life with a boyfriend she’s had for a while now. Feeling betrayed, Takumi loses his drive to go on. Filled with anger, he decides to take revenge on Yuki and agrees to take a drug that turns him invisible. Using his newfound power, he decides to abuse Yuki as punishment for her lies.

The visual novel features 15 erotic CGs to discover, a fully voiced heroine, and three endings to experience. As you read through the story, any previously-discovered images and scenes will become available in the CG Gallery mode and the Scene Replay mode.

Unpopular with women and stuck working a crappy job, Takumi Tsuge sees no point in living.

The one who saves his life is the new announcer Yuki Konoe.

She publicly declares that she's single, and she's unapologetically self-assured in her handling of men and the barrage of dirty comments she receives.

Upon seeing her live her life as a virgin who's passionate about her job, Takumi feels like he can accept his own way of living.

It's because of her hard work that he's able to go on.

That is how dependent Takumi was on Yuki.

However, one day, he finds out the truth.

Far from Yuki being a virgin, she has quite an active sex life.

Upon learning the truth, Takumi is inconsolable, and he even finds himself starting to consider ending it all

when a door-to-door saleswoman turns up at his home.

"Hey, Tsuge. Want all your desires as a man to be granted?

The moment I saw you, I knew you'd be a great candidate… for this invisibility serum…"

Takumi gives the sketchy saleswoman everything he has in exchange for a drug that promises to turn him invisible.

Having already given up on life, he plunges the needle into his arm without much thought.

(It's not like it'll work anyway. There's no such thing as an invisibility serum.)

Or so he thought…

The Invisible Man's Stealth NTR: Convincing and Inseminating the New Announcer with an Invisible Boner is now available on Steam for $13.99.

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