Putting the D in the double D.

The DLC for Clymenia’s Public Defense Corp, Public Defense Corp: The Ambassador of Peace, is available on Steam, FAKKU, Denpasoft and Kagura Games.

Public Defense Corp: The Ambassador of Peace is a DLC that takes place one month after the main story of Public Defense Corp. Our heroine Haruka has defeated most of the top officers of Jakou, the evil organization from the previous game. Due to this, Japan is undergoing a period of peace, but Haruka continues her training just in case Jakou strikes again. Just when she is getting bored with her routine, the Public Defense Force staff provide her with a way to help her country without fighting. Haruka is sent to be an ambassador of tourism for Pakohame-shi, a town that is still struggling from the destruction caused by Jakou. What better way to kickstart the economy than having the famous hero Haruka boost the town’s tourism?

In this DLC, you will get to explore a new location, speak with the locals, and advertise beautiful beaches. Additionally, you'll help the town with the upcoming festival and rebuild the shrine. Haruka will need to use her reputation and body to promote Pakohame-shi. This includes getting people to buy expensive sake with a download code of her masturbation video, doing live TV reports while naked, and participating in a lewd festival dance.

Explore a Beautiful Sea Town

Wander the pleasant town and take in the sights! It's still technically work, but Haruka's definitely earned a vacation!

Engage in PR Activities With the Locals

Get to know the locals and use your image to promote the town!

Advertise Around the City and on Television

Use the media to your advantage and bring in tourists from around Japan!

You can purchase the Public Defense Corp: Ambassador of Peace DLC for a temporarily discounted price from Denpasoft, Steam and Kagura Games for $4.49, and FAKKU for its regular price of $4.99. The sale price for the Steam version ends on July 4th. As it is a DLC, the base game is required to play it.

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