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Appetite’s nukige visual novel, Don't Stop the Camera! ~Hidden Desires of a Young Wife~, has been published on Steam by Tensei Games.

Don't Stop the Camera! ~Hidden Desires of a Young Wife~ follows Setsuka Ikuta, a lonely housewife whose husband has been working away from home for quite some time. To satisfy her sexual needs, she resorted to stimulating herself with a variety of different sex toys. During this time, she discovered an unusual fetish: filming herself during the act made it much more stimulating for her than usual; however, she was also careless about her recordings.

One day, Setsuka lost her phone, which was then found by her landlord, Kaho Uehara, who watched some of the videos saved on it. Were it anyone else, this could have potentially caused problems for Setsuka, but it turned out that Kaho had similar interests. She invites Setsuka to join the council of alternative residents, a group that openly explores their sexuality. Even though the idea sounds dangerous, Setsuka can't hold back her curiosity and joins the council to produce sex tapes behind her husband’s back.

The story features 15 erotic CGs to discover, a fully voiced heroine, and two endings to experience.

Even though she knows it's wrong… her hands won't stop…

"Ah… You're filming me… You're filming me acting so naughty with your phone…"

Even she can't believe that she's gotten this aroused just from being filmed.

Today as usual, she relieved the sadness of her husband not being there by herself…

Until one day…

The caretaker of her apartment complex, Kaho Uehara, came to return her phone, which she had dropped.

"Your phone was unlocked when I picked it up. I didn't mean to look through it, but…"

"Um, well… if possible, I'd prefer that other people didn't…"

"I'm not shocked by this. If anything… I'm glad."

Glad…? Why? About what?

She smiles, seemingly pleased.

"Wouldn't you like to… join the alternative residents' council? You could just join as a trial at first. What do you think?"

She just left her that note and left, but… what should she do?

It's obviously a sketchy organization, so there's no way she should go… but.

Don't Stop the Camera! ~Hidden Desires of a Young Wife~ is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $12.59 until June 30th, at which point it will cost $13.99.

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