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Appetite’s slice-of-life visual novel, Take me in and I'll love and serve you ~Sweet and sexy life with a demi-human girl~ has been published on Steam courtesy of Tensei Games.

Take me in and I'll love and serve you ~Sweet and sexy life with a demi-human girl~ is a romantic visual novel about a young barkeeper and a monster girl. The world in which the two live is inhabited by people of various races, among which demi-humans are the most despised. They’re often hunted down and turned into slaves — a fate that was about to befall Mia. Fortunately, her mother gave her an opportunity to flee, giving her the address of a safe place: the protagonist’s tavern.

While the tavern originally belonged to his father, Loran is the one currently taking care of it. Upon seeing the signed photo that Mia brings him, he quickly realizes that his father was in a relationship with her mother. Naturally, he lets Mia stay over at the tavern for the time being. The young woman doesn’t want to stay for free, though, soon offering to help out with work at the tavern. As the two of them stay together, they begin to develop a romantic relationship.

Mia (VA: Hina Momose)

A demi-human girl who was sold as a slave.

She escaped to the main character's inn after being given a photo as a memento.

Thanks to living at the inn, her hair is healthy and shiny, and she has an ample bust.

She has a slim waist and a nice, thick ass with a tail.

She's become such a beauty, you'd hardly recognize her.

"Yes. If it would help you out, I will do anything, Loran."

Take me in and I'll love and serve you ~Sweet and sexy life with a demi-human girl~ is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $12.59 until June 30th, at which point it will cost $13.99.

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