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Boys love visual novel The Patient S Remedy, previously released on Steam, is now available on MangaGamer.

The Patient S Remedy is an erotic boys love visual novel from MADA Labo, the developer of Hadaka Shitsuji. You play as Sota Sasaki, a young man who was diagnosed with candle disease, also known as Progressive Cell Degeneration. According on to how the disease progresses, he should die in five years, but doctors have discovered that Sota’s sperm might be the cure.

Due to the curative properties of his spunk, he is participating in a research study under one condition: Sota must be treated like a king within the hospital and any orders he makes must be obeyed. Out of desperation from his life threatening disease, Sota starts making more sadistic and twisted requests.


An adult BL game featuring blinking and lip-syncing animations in Full HD, which expresses the emotions and charms of the characters in a lively manner.Presented by Mada labo & Tougo Mito, who attracted a lot of attention in his first work, Naked Butlers.


Progressive Cell Degeneration - commonly known as candle disease, is a strange disease in which the body melts or hardens like a candle, and typically leads to death within 5 years.

Sota Sasaki was diagnosed with "candle disease" and became a patient himself. However, it turns out that his semen might be a cure...!?

Due to his bodily fluids’ miraculous nature, and in exchange for participating in research, he was given a special privilege: he will be treated like a king within this closed-off hospital world.

You can purchase The Patient S Remedy on sale from Steam and MangaGamer for $35.99. The version on Steam was published in September of 2021 by the developer, MADA Labo. If you buy the game on Steam, you can download the adult patch from MangaGamer. However, downloading the patch requires a MangaGamer account.

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