If you build it, they will cum

Prove yourself to be more than scum while being demeaned by women stronger than you in NumericGazer’s Under the Witch, an adult RPG published by Shady Corner on Itch.io.

Under the Witch follows a nameless hero in his rise as a warrior. However, as he’s still learning to master his skills, he tends to get taken advantage of by his opponents, which brings to life his masochistic side. First, he tries to defeat a child-kidnapping witch, only to be driven to his knees by her erotic charms. His sister saves him, and then beats him up in a duel to prove once and for all how worthless he is. Now, stuck as her servant until he can match her strength, he’s regularly taken advantage of and demeaned by the cruel sibling.

The series comes from an independent developer, NumericGazer, who’s been creating new entries as separate episodes. Originally, each episode was a standalone game, but the English release by Shady Corner bundles the first two together. More episodes are expected to appear in the future.

The first game, Episode 0, portrays the hero’s duel against the witch. It consists entirely of a single turn-based battle, which is filled with erotic content. During her attacks, the witch may try to take advantage of the hero in special hold attacks, humiliating him in an erotic manner, and often leading to an embarrassing defeat scenario. Losing a fight still rewards the player with new loot and experience, making each attempt at defeating the her a little bit easier. Succeeding in the fight unlocks all of the animated scenes for the gallery mode. The first game features voice acting available in English and Japanese, while the sequel features only Japanese voices.

Under the Witch Episode 1 expands the gameplay loop from the first game by adding exploration, quests, and item gathering. Made into a servant of his sister, the hero may run around an area close to their home, gathering resources to trade for better gear. Unfortunately, progress from the previous episode doesn’t carry over, meaning the hero has to level up again, just this time by sparring with their mean-spirited sibling. Each loss leads to further humiliation, as the cruel sister makes full use of her useless brother.

Given the game’s focus on femdom, losing is an expected part of the experience. Despite this, it is important to try your best to make progress and succeed in the fights. After each battle, the player is graded on their performance, which determines how much experience they earn. The faster the hero level ups, the sooner the player can succeed at the game.

Under the Witch is now available on Itch.io for $14.53 (estimated from $21.00 AUD). While the game contains adult content out the box, players will have to install a free patch available on the store page to get rid of the mosaic censorship.

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