Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

PantyParrot's simulation game about preventing an alien girl from destroying the planet, Kaiju Princess, now available on Steam.

Developed by PantyParrot and published by Mango Party, Kaiju Princess is a simulation game where you house a lazy invader from space. You play as an office worker with nothing exciting going on in their life. One day, you left a message on a homestay site for women, offering room and board at a boarding house. The person who came to the boarding house was Xao, a weirdly dressed girl who claimed to be the princess of the kaiju. She was sent to conquer Earth by summoning kaiju, but is also far too lazy to cause any serious damage to the world.

You've volunteered to become Xao’s supporter, in order to limit the amount of destruction she could potentially cause. She needs to achieve a set amount of destruction before the in-game deadline is reached. The player's goal is to reach the minimum amount of damage and avoid attracting the attention of government organizations. Players can decide when and where exactly to launch an attack. If the player stops Xao from working on her mission, more invaders will arrive to finish the job.

Take care of Xao’s needs and improve your relationship together by feeding and talking to her. As you care for her, you'll unlock more interactions with her, such as headpats, face rubs, kisses, and sex. You can develop Xao sexually and control the game's different erotic scenes; increase her body’s sensitivity by filling up the mouth, breasts, clit, and vagina pleasure bars to make her orgasm.

Game Features

- Education Simulation Game

- Rich content

- Dressing system

- Time management

- Static CG

- Interactive CG in dynamic

- Dialogue system

You can buy Kaiju Princess on sale from Steam for $9.89. After June 28th, the sale will end and the price will increase back to $10.99.

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